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Buying The Best HP Toner Cartridge Gets Easier With This Guide

Posted by Admin on February, 11, 2021

HP is known worldwide for its laser printers, which it has been manufacturing for three decades. It goes needless to say, that they have been offering over a dozen various printer cartridges for both office and home. But choosing the best and cheap HP toner cartridge that suits your purpose can be daunting.
So here’s a round-up of all the basics of buying the best HP toner cartridge, so you can make the best choice.

Are HP Laser Printers Equipped with Toners?
Yes the latest HP laser printers are all equipped with a toner cartridge. Most of the new printers that you would come across contain a starter cartridge, which is loaded with lesser toner powder when put in contrast with the common yield cartridge. So, there is nothing to be taken aback if you are required to purchase a replacement cartridge real soon.

Installing HP Toner Cartridges and How?
Installing an HP toner cartridge varies from one printer to another but the standard concept remains the same, despite the machine that you own. You can refer to the printer manual or the specification pages of your printer on the official website of HP for particular instructions on your printer. Most of the cheap HP toner cartridges that you come across comprises a protective clip that demands to be removed before the process of installation.
Some of the toner cartridges of HP also comprises a sealing tape that you should remove. If both of these things aren’t removed from the toner, the cartridge would simply refuse to operate in the printer.

Tips for Installation of HP Toner Cartridges
• Before the process of installation, get the orange protective clip surrounding the cartridge removed. This protective clip acts as a protective barrier to your cartridge, during its transit. The clip is recyclable after you have removed it.
• Consider rocking the cartridge back and forth for some time, to get the toner powder present in the cartridge redistributed. This works as a primer for the cartridge to the printer you have.
• Hold the cartridge with one of your hands and tug on the protruding tab from the sides of the cartridge. Ensure to get the tape stripe removed. The cartridge might not function properly in case of ripping off the tape.
• Open the HP printer’s front cover to gain access to the installation area of the cartridge.
• Inside the printer, get the cheap HP toner cartridge India inserted, and consider closing the front cover to begin printing.

The Lasting Power of HP Toner
HP Toner cartridges last for a couple of years, when in a sealed package. Even after a couple of years, you might still be able to use some of the cartridges, so you can give it a try even post the fact. The printer would feature a “low cartridge’ sign when you need to replace a particular cartridge. However, you might not be required to get the cartridge replaced immediately. To extend the longevity of the toner, try rocking the same back and forth a couple of times over the trash can.
This will help in redistributing the powder of the toner and priming the cartridge for some more prints. Because the toner powder is created from plastic materials, the toner cartridges don’t dry out like the ink cartridge.
Now that you know a few important things about the HP toner cartridge, you can easily find the cheap HP toner cartridge India. When shopping for HP toner cartridges, ensure to be mindful of the cartridge/yield and the volumes of paper that your cartridge is capable of printing.

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